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Report by American Association of University Professors finds LSU violated rights of research professor.


"In one case, a research professor -- who has since had his position eliminated -- took a stance on the reason the levees failed after Hurricane Katrina that angered federal officials, who expressed that displeasure to LSU administrators."

 See also The Big Uneasy, a 2011 documentary about New Orleans and the Levee breaches after Hurricane Katrina. Ivor can Heerden, the author of chapter 40, walks viewers through his investigation into what caused the 2005 levee breaches.


Climate Change and Sustainable Development

ISBN: 978-0-9817854-5-5

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OUT OF PRINT September 2012

40 chapters, 453 pages

These chapters explore the impact and related policy implications of climate change on our planet. The need for sustainable development is discussed from many different perspectives. It is presented at the upper level of undergraduate higher education, with ideas on how to use this book in the classroom and questions to help students to review the material. The editor is Dr. Ruth Reck, Professor of Land, Air and Water Resources at the University of California, Davis.

In the Preface, Harvard Professor, Michael B. McElroy, says: "This volume offers a comprehensive introduction to the challenge posed by climate change for a sustainable global and specifically human societal future. The issues are clearly enunciated in the introductory paper by Professor Reck and are elaborated further in the wide-ranging series of papers that follow. Professor Reck makes a persuasive case for the need to introduce upper level undergraduates to this important topic. She offers an imaginative strategy as to how this volume could be used to educate and to stimulate debate following the creative approach implemented in the highly successful course she has taught over the past several years at the University of California, Davis."


Table of Contents
An Approach to Teaching Global Sustainability Considering the Impacts of Accelerated Climate Change 11

Part 1: Introduction—Science and Sustainability
1. Setting the Balance for Global Climate Change: Scientific Evidenceand the Consequences for Society Reck 21
2. Developing Social Resilience Amidst Climate Change and Global Insecurity: Finding Peaceful Pathways to the Future Reck 31
3. Global Environment Sustainability: from Developed to Developing Countries Leung 39
4. Institutionalizing Environmental Space at the Global Level Bührs 47

Part 2: Sustainability In Daily Life 67
5. Sustainability: A Challenge for Domestic Households in Daily Life Leicht-Eckardt 69
6. Climate Change and Sustainability: Connecting Atmospheric, Oceanand Climate Science with Public Literacy Batteen, Stanton, and Maslowski 79
7. Improving Campus Sustainability: The Authentic Results from Higher Educationon Environmental Sustainability, Student Engagement, and Financial Effectiveness Kreidler, Perry III, and Ault 89
8. Leveraging International Collaborations for Climate and Sustainability Education Steinfeld and Graham 103
9. Cultivating Students’ Understanding of Environmental Sustainability Through St. Francis’s Greening of the Campus Project Diab 111
10. Broadening Education Toward Environmental Restoration, as Short-Termand Cost-Effective Long-Term Solutions to Global Climate Disruption Kitting 117
11. Correlation of Affect, Verbal Commitment, Knowledge, Locus of Designersof the Built Environment: Is Knowledge Enough? Weidenboerner 127
12. Problems with Producing the Biofuel Ethanol Sustainability via Large-ScaleCorn Agriculture Mercurio 141
13. A Policy for Sustainability of Low Volume Traffic Roads in an Australian Context McManus 147
14. The Link between Human Health and Sustainability Samuel 159

Part 3: Examples In Water Sustainability 169
15. Rethinking Groundwater Supplies in Light of Climate Change: How Can Groundwater be Sustainable Managed While Preparing for Water Shortages, Increased Demand and Resource Depletion? Meyland 171
16. The Public Management of Water Resources in South Africa Pienaar and van der Schyff 183
17. Assessing the Value of Polluted Groundwater: Toward a Rational Accounting of Costs in Environmental Problems Paleologos 195

Part 4: Studies Towards Energy Sustainability 205
18. Evaluation of Post-Kyoto Frameworks Focusing on Sector-based Approaches and National Numerical Targets Matsuhashi, Mori, Misumi, and Yoshida 207
19. Wind, Water and Seawater Save Corn from Ethanol Production Murahara 215
20. Sustainability in the Mining Industry: Innovative Waste Management Technologies Azam 223

Part 5: Ecosystem Sustainability 229
21. Global Climate Change and Biodiversity Conservation: The Role of Ecological Risk Assessment Andersen 231
22. Habitat Restoration: An Aspect of Sustainable Management Thorpe 239
23. Plant Biotechnology Helps Quest for Sustainability with Emphasis onClimate Change and Endangered Plants Leung 247
24. The Use of historic Range of Variability to Evaluate Ecosystem Sustainability Meyer, Knight and Dillon 251
25. The Role of Planted Forests in Sustainable Development with an Emphasison the Situation in Columbia Boston 263
26. Sustainable Development in the Columbia River Basin of the NorthwesternUnited States: A Question of River Management Dawes and Dawes 273
27. Potential Carbon Sequestration Opportunities and Issues for BottomlandHardwood Afforestation in the Lower Mississippi Alluvial Valley Grebner, Londo, Sun, Grado, Sumerall, Dewey, Nero, and Maiers
28. Climate Change and Its Impacts on the Coastal Ecosystems of the Gulf of Mexico Ning, Turner, and Abdollahi 297
29. Protection or Survival? The Conflict between Conservation and Exploitation of Tropical Rainforests Roberts-Semple 313
30. Global Warming Risks to Sustainable Forests: Evidence, Impacts, and Intervention Snow and Snow 321

Part 6: Sustainability In The United States
31. Sustainable Climate Action in the United States: Emerging Issues, Adaptation and Mitigation Initiatives Guha
32. An inconvenient Decision: Massachusetts et al vs. the EnvironmentalProtection Agency McEvoy

Part 7:Science Of Sustainability
33. Sustainability of Gaia: A Question of Balance Leclerc, Holland, Foken, and Pingintha
34. Modern Adaptive Management: Adding Digital Opportunitiestowards a Sustainable World with New Values Huettmann
35. Climate Change and the Challenge for Coastal Communities Snow and Snow
36. An Examination of Air Temperatures and Soil Temperatures in the United StatesGulf Coast and Implications Related to Nitrous Oxide Emissions from Soil Weatherton and Womack-Richardson
37. Clouds in a Warmer Climate: Friend or Foe? Lasher-Trapp

Part 8: Examples of Nonsustainability and the Need for Solutions
38. Global Warming and Overexploitation in the Northeastern Pacific: Challenges that Drive the Need for Solutions to Achieve Sustainability Horn
39. Sustainability Management of Natural Resources in an Era of Global Climate Change Tecle
40. The Failure of the New Orleans Levee System during Hurricane Katrinaand Public Policy Needs for the Future van Heerden

See also The Big Uneasy, a 2011 film about New Orleans and the Levee breaches after Hurricane Katrina

Appendix A: Bibliography and reading list
Appendix B: Review Questions: Written by Dr. Yvette Weatherton



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