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ISBN: 978-0981785455

Price: $38

456 pages

Published February 28, 2010


These chapters explore the impact and related policy implications of climate change on our planet. The need for sustainable development is discussed from many different perspectives. It is presented at the upper level of undergraduate higher education, with ideas on how to use this book in the classroom and questions to help students to review the material. The editor is Dr. Ruth Reck, Professor of Land, Air and Water Resources at the University of California, Davis. In the Preface, Harvard Professor, Michael B. McElroy, says: "This volume offers a comprehensive introduction to the challenge posed by climate change for a sustainable global and specifically human societal future. The issues are clearly enunciated in the introductory paper by Professor Reck and are elaborated further in the wide-ranging series of papers that follow. Professor Reck makes a persuasive case for the need to introduce upper level undergraduates to this important topic. She offers an imaginative strategy as to how this volume could be used to educate and to stimulate debate following the creative approach implemented in the highly successful course she has taught over the past several years at the University of California, Davis."

The External Social Benefits of Higher Education

Authored and Edited by Walter W. McMahon and Jennifer A. Delaney

ISBN: 979-821804838-9

Price: $39

World of Children: Perceptions and Connections in Sustainability with Reflections during the Pandemic

Edited by Judith McConnell Farmer (Mikkelson)

ISBN 9780578984308

Price: $38


Adventures, Fantasy, and Dreams in Children’s Literature

Judith Lynne McConnell-Farmer

ISBN 9780981785462

Price: $38.00

232 pages, 13 chapters


The Education of Young Children: Research and Public Policy

Edited by Judith Lynne McConnell-Farmer

ISBN 9780981785424

Price: $38

228 pages 13 Chapters


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