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Pain Medicine: Philosophy, Ethics, and Policy

ISBN: 978-0-9817854-4-8

Price: $38.00
254 pages 16 chapters

Published September 2009, Paperback

Foreword: Baldwin JC
1. Prolegomenon: Engaging Philosophy, Ethics and Policy in, and for Pain Medicine.
Giordano J, Boswell MV
2. An Obligation to Treat Pain?
Clarke P.
3. Toward Pain Care for a Global Community: From Philosophy to Economic Considerations.
Giordano J. Benedikter R, Schatman ME
4. Pain in the Public Sphere: The Case of the FAQ Pain Education Document, Pain Activist Counterpublics, and the Drug Enforcement Agency.
Cunningham N.
5. Cultural Competence and the Clinical Encounter
Engebretson JC
6. Hospice and Palliative Care as a Paradigm for an Ethics of Pain Medicine – a European Perspective with Global Implications
Höver G, Baranzke H.
7. Chronic Pain, Subjectivity, and the Ethics of Pain Medicine: A Deontic Structure and the Importance of Moral Agency.
Maricich Y, Giordano J.
8. What Does Pain Medicine Want from a Feminist Ethics?
Pedroni J
9. Considering a Full Content Ethics of Pain Medicine.
Peppin J.
10. Ethics, Law and Pain Management as a Patient Right.
Hall J, Boswell MV

11. Evidence-Based Pain Practice: On the Reciprocity of Information Guidelines and Policy
Manchikanti L
12. Opioid Prescriptions and Proscriptions: Twenty-One Questions.
Cole BE.
13. Neurotechnology in Pain Medicine – Toward Best Use.
Jeannotte A, Schiller K, McBride D
14. Trials and Tribulations: Ethical Obligations and Issues in Clinical Pain Research.
Deer T
15. Pain: Practice, Politics and Policy.
Kornblau B.
16. Afterword: Negotiating a Shifting Paradigm: Reflections upon the Need for an Integrative Philosophy, Ethics (and Policies) of Pain Medicine.
Dietrich J.





James Giordano PhD is Professor of Neuroscience, Neurophilosophy and Neuroethics at the Institute for Psychological Sciences, and Fellow, Blackfriar’s Hall, University of Oxford, UK. As well, Prof. Giordano is Chair of Academic Programs and Director of the Center for Neurotechnology Studies, Potomac Institute for Policy Studies, (VA).

He is Editor-in-Chief of Philosophy, Ethics and Humanities in Medicine; Associate Editor for the international journal Neuroethics, neuroscience and ethics editor (and former Deputy Editor-in-Chief) for the journal Pain Physician, and Editor-in-Chief of the book series Advances in Neurotechnology: Ethical, Legal and Social Issues (published by Taylor-Francis/CRC Press).

Prof. Giordano‘s research has addressed in the molecular and behavioral neuroscience of pain and analgesia; his ongoing work is focused upon the neurophilosophy of pain and mind, and the neuroethics of pain research and treatment. In recognition of this work, he has been elected to the European Academy of Sciences and Arts.

Mark V. Boswell, MD, PhD, MBA is professor and chair of the Department of Anesthesiology and Director of the International Pain Center, at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center School of Medicine, in Lubbock, Texas. He is board-certified by the American Board of Anesthesiology, with subspecialty certification in pain medicine. Prof. Boswell is former Editor-in-Chief of the journal, Pain Physician. His clinical interests include neuroanesthesia, acute and chronic pain disorders, neuropathic pain, hospice and palliative care, interventional pain management, and acupuncture. Prof. Boswell maintains an active research program that focuses upon molecular mechanisms of chronic spinal pain, effects and substrates of general anesthesia and the applied ethics of pain management.

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